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Mathias Ford: A Great Experience

things occurring events that mark a day one hour a climate and up to people as I delighted with everything new that exists both managed to convey too many emotions together to make our invisible and impalpable mark in the mind of those who stunned or eager to be one or another reason that called or captivates your attention does not have any description describe it would be to offend so extremely special sensations which are saved after a greeting from people that never in life believed to find much of that here that I love and full of satisfaction in another person that you remove from a smile up to a surprising and a want to be or have increasingly more closely because it is not taking the step is to leave the really important footprint and each time to take it to its maximum expression as if it was RA really that last and inexhaustible when expected

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Samuel Roos: Fantasy

All these days I've been a bit thoughtful sexually, I've been too excited in my room when I'm alone, I'd like to have sex at the exact moment that I want it to be, as something that takes over my mind, feel a wet kiss for all my body and desire with madness to do so many things, in short there are so many things that one would like to do in sex xoxo

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Samuel Roos: Fantasy

All these days I've been a bit thoughtful sexually, I've been too excited in my room when I'm alone, I'd like to have sex at the exact moment that I want it to be, as something that takes over my mind, feel a wet kiss for all my body and desire with madness to do so many things, in short there are so many things that one would like to do in sex xoxo

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Mathias Ford: A Happy Return

then you have a small and pleasant stay I'm back to fill them with great desire and great satisfactions Tin company who like me I am glad too see and be the architect of his imagination flying the actor of your dreams completed the engine of their more low feelings happy to return and with all the desire to dedicate myself back to give them the best of mi and filled not only with the best power if not all the imagination that leads us to spend incredible on your side moments always are welcome and fel izmente tinned here I am again to feel them every day closer

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Alan Coinneach: Saturday Nov 11

Hello all,Due to the flu, I will not be on this weekend. I'm sorry for the inconvenience. Not feeling so hot right now. May look hot, but don't feel hot. Or maybe I'm feeling too hot... I don't know. Anyway, have a good weekend and I hope to be able to see you all next week. Cheers.

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Steve South: Fans

Hi guys, I wanted to give a big thanks to all of my fans and especially the one's that have been showing up for me these passed couple of months. As a show of appreciation I'm sending everyone a recent VOD with me dirty talking and wanking until I sprayed a huge Steve South load onto to my face and all over my body for a superb ending with a potential sugar daddy here on flirt4free. It was amazing and to my surprise(it was load 2 of the day), it was still a massive shot! Thanks guys and enjoy the video. oxox

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Jay Sweethard: Im Begin Here Let My Chace ;p

m spirituel guy and you need my for fun smile and joke i speaks french and begin in english , im love gift , money and fun im lite macho and im flexed my comportement for you to im real just very good with all people !! I have nice body and e.c.t ... genetics superbly speak french 1ers english 2iem Thx for time to read 🙂 / merci jâespère bien faire votre bonheur ou ce que vous désirer jaime faire plaisir au gens et je suis pas gêner mais je peux être aussi réserver et affectueux merci (M.C)

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Billy Biggs: Good Homecoming

yesterday estube after working a little but I felt bad so early I went home and then upload I found with a friend who wanted to take liquor and who will accompany you so that as not me felt well better I went home and friend ami rechase

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Hoss Kado: Hoss Kado Personal Training

Fun workout VOD made tonight coming soon! Check it out and find out how I stay in shape and like to pump up ... also diet/etc. talk and plenty of sweat and flexing ... will try to do them more regularly with different set-ups!

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Jake Fabulous: Hey I'm Jake

today i have so much fun with all my friends, we spent so much time join together, i'm sure was my bigges and better day everrr! i will not have an amazing day like that thanks to my friend for all support

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Aron Action: A Bit About My Day..

Hey guy and girls!So today has been pretty chilled for me for s change!.,,,,I went to the gym and trained legs followed by cardio on the rowing machine and then stretching at the end of my workout!. Recently changed my workout program to shock my body into action and WOW what a difference it has made..... gotta look hot in my cam shows for you guys !. Check out my gym selfies on my Twitter account @ToyboydannyB I then went and had lunch with an old friend of mine from school which was great, drinks and cocktails what more could I asked for to top of my leisurely day........ 🙂 Hope to see al you guys/fans in my next show..... itâs great fun to chat and perform for you all.Danny x

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Antonino Dibraco: Already the Month of November

November's here and the fall chill's in the air. I'll be in my nice, cozy house camming for everyone's pleasure but I could really use someone's warmth and tender kiss to comfort me on the chilly autumn nights that are fast approaching. Who will it be guys? MUAHHHHH.

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Alan Backer: Plasure

I've been thinking, and I'm really addicted, I'm addicted to pleasures, I realize that every day I discover a new pleasure in my body and in my mind, I love people who teach me something new, something totally pleasant! MMM

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Alan Backer: Gym

This October I decided to go back to the gym, so I have been training hard I want to be more healthy and sexy for all of you, I love you, so thank you for visiting me in my room! they are very important to me! 😉

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Mathias Ford: Great Memories

It may not be much time meet many of my friends but took them heart in those little moments that were important and that in one way or another have changed the way of seeing them greet them even feel that I know them a little more with each place of where I talk about I think a trip plan and I would love to be in every one of those cities where I have spoken, and greet them give them the surprise and knock on his door would be great meeting you and know more and more of them but now the good times without knowing their faces fills me with of joy because when they come to my room greet me with open arms and that more than anything makes me happy thanks for being with me and I hope to have them by my side a lot time more and continue living those moments so special that so far remain engraved in my Memory Thank you for ever have come into my life and give me to know every part of if and receive as well every thing that I want to give myself to you

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Aron Action: My First Few Days

Hey guys Thought I would start writing a blog to let everyone know how I am doing.So been cramming for 4 days now and loving every minute of it. First of all a big sincere thank you to all the members who have visited my room and been very generous with tip and compliments and to the member who have favourited me, itâs nice to see some familiar members coming into my room show after show.I have worked on another cam site before but never had the chance to interact so much with my viewers like I have been able to on Flirt4Free. Iâm having a lot of fun caming and hope all the members who come into my room are too. Stay tuned for my next update Action Aron 🙂

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Billy Biggs: Diary

yesterday I was busy in a very complex matter of friends because it was already very late and it was raining very hard so I realised in my friend's House if ningunproblema all we go to sleep in the same bed and I me exite and I think that one of them also

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Billy Biggs: Friends Day

Today we were watching a movie and one of my friends who was in the side was with dream and I was on the side watching his bulk and be beia as if palpitara and me there so when I the imajine in my head It gave me desire to touch it but other friends not left me with your presence

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Brock Montag: My Friday Nights

I'm currently boiling down some cranberries to make a beautiful tea detoxifying concoction I love to drink.It's 9:24.I haven't showered yet and my hair's a mess and I know it. I've just put my two girls to bed that I get every weekend and I'm feeling proud of myself for pushing through the few times in the evening I felt like calling it quits and just relaxing. You can't truly relax when chores are there waiting to be dominated. You can rest for a moment but relax no.It's hard sometimes being a single father of two, but it helps when their mother is in the struggle with you, raising the girls as two separated parents should do.Should do but some don't, but I do and so does she and I'm thankful for that this evening.The cranberries smell bitter sweet and my groin is warm because of this. I can't stop thinking about my fans and how much they enjoy watching me squirm on camera.Watching me do the grown up things healthy adults do when they feel the hunger, the burning.Watching me smoke cigarettes, dance and talk shit. While simultaneously touching myself until my cock is solid and the burn for a dildo in my ass returns.I need to feel my insides right now is what I'm thinking.So my fans watch me grab my dildo while I slowly relearn the secret touches that make me scream. I need these desires met and I want you to watch me meet them.I want you to tell me how you want me to continue. How can I be better at making me scream. And what makes you scream I'll wonder while I'm rubbing my prostate and vibrating all over my body.I like asking but I don't get feedback every time and that's a bummer but I know some people are shy.I used to be the shyest.Now I care a lot less.My friends are scared to even admit they've tried butt play and all I wanna do is tell them that when it's done right you only expand your options of orgasm.Anyways I'm done rambling for now. I want to drink this tea, jack off with y you on camera, then read and go to bed.Modern days eh.�~~

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Kevin Appleton: Happy As Premiered Toy

Hi friends, I am very happy to be here with you.I tell them that I am a totally happy person I like a lot the fun and the badness in the bed lol. I want you to let yourself be known and that we enjoy both always in any situation we are in.Come I invite you to my room because what you will see I assure you that you will never want to go.

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Khriz Allenz: - Happy As a Premiere Toy

Hello friends, I am very happy to be here with you.I tell them that I am a totally happy person I really like fun and badness in bed lol. I want you to let yourself know and enjoy both always in whatever situation we are.Come I invite you to my room because what you see I assure you that you will never want to leave.

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Jeto Clomet: Something About Me

I'm Jet Alejandro, I'm 21 years.i'm latin guy.. I'm hair stilyst, Make-up artist, and web model.. I live alone. i'm single.. I can not lie, money moves our world. but more than money, i'm looking for something special. My life it's absolutely I want, I'm complete.. but sometimes I feel alone, I found some special persons here, I really feel glad of meet they, My relationship with some it's fantastic I hope know more about everyone, i'm open and want have a real love.

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Mathias Ford: Big Days

Giants or special as you want them to call are days on which the best company you that don't get him to play with me also give it me come greet me and we talked a little bit of everything I love to hear from you month a model a person who enjoys at all recreating the senses have the closeness that I offer on his part and that I take with the satisfaction of the world I dream and leaving me to be the protagonist of his desires and being more than a model rather than a man his attractive seems to be someone who wants to learn c UAL is his opinion about himself and then know who think happy I feel when they come to greet me and know like this and tell me that are very well thank you follow my hand growing every day more as a person and as a protagonist of your most deep desires

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Mike Bannacheck: Facticity of Fake News

All American journalism is not 'yellow', though all strictly 'up-to-date' yellow journalism is American!"Yellow Journalism was the term coined by newscasters in New York in the late 1890âs. It was used to describe (originally) sensational news that appeared in â~New York Worldâ owned by none other then Joseph Pulitzer himself. The use of Color images and bold headlines used to grab readers attention was frowned upon by more astute journals. However it has been suggested that the New York World played a part in convincing the populace to support the 1898 Spanish American War. If those journalists could only see the headlines today! The act of innocent suggestion has evolved into precise manipulation by foreign actors and others who have a sinister agenda. Instead of Yellow Journalism we have âFake News.â The thirst for information combined with societies ever shortening attention span has created a fiction that citizens hold as true. News is increasingly being personalised and itâs true that a person usually seeks out a viewpoint which matches their biases and preconceived notions. Everyone is entitled to an opinion however no one is entitled to their own facts.News has become a advertising strategy for major corporations in addition to stagecraft. The reporting of long lines on launch day to âleaksâ about the next flagship device are direct examples of this. Black Friday for instance is only a big deal because reporters are so fixated on it. The ânewâ Cyber Monday is their next conquest.So dear reader, how does one learn any actual truth in such a perverted landscape? Clearly the media have given up on their oath to be a beacon for the people. If fighting misinformation wasnât bad enough we also have our own brain wiring to thank for being influenced so easily by covert means. Cognitive dissonance combined with with circular patterns of reasoning have us chained to our own fictions. Any new narrative is discarded automatically before it can even whisper to our conscious mind. We have abandoned any semblance of an informed society and Iâm afraid in this stage of late capitalism the discombobulating echoes of what passes as current events will only get more severe.

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Billy Biggs: Lol

what a laugh it gave me to know that I do not have services in my house and with everything new to watch tv cook or go to the bathroom since I have neither lus nor water I will have to pay quicklythere are always hard times but you have to overcome them

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Vernom Andrews: Shower Day

On Friday I was in the gym and I was bathing in the showers and without me noticing there were some big and strong men watching me while I bathed and I felt sorry I just realized that I began to say things very obscene, I dress and I went fast to the gym

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Kaista Skye: Fantasia

me gustaria tener relaciones en un aviónpor sentir la sensación de que las otras personas que van viajando nos puedan ver no lo he hecho por que no he encontrado una persona aventurera y loca como yo

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Billy Biggs: My Friend's Mother

yesterday at night coming to the house was a very lonely and I went in but the surprise was when my friend's mom was looking at me and called me since greeting me was very eager to eat me so I told him what I wanted to do and I disdained and it was a great fucking what a night of wild

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