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Ayden John: Feeling Alot Better After Accident

Thanks for all the support everyone I'm finally leaving CT and heading to NYC in 3 days I appreciate all the generosity over the past 4 days when I was out of commission!! I'm feeling 75% back to myself a few more days and I'm ready for whatever you can throw at me!!!

Visit Ayden John's Chat Room

Juicy James: My First Few Weeks Ever on Live Cam

First few weeks are always the scariest when starting a new job. But this job brings a whole new meaning to nervousness with so. Men emotions and thoughts. Running through your head all at once. You question yourself whether or not you are good enough. To be doing something like this. With a little commitment and dedication and self-confidence. You soon realize that it's very possible to do. You soon realize the fans are great and the people you work for our great as well. This may come off kind of harsh but truth be told it's the ones who are willing to put in the time and effort that succeed in this business.

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Aron Action: To All My Fans

Well Hello Boys, I am on the train as I right this, and I have to say I am feeling really naughty!.I just wanted to let all my fans know that I will be away from Webcam this weekend. I will be in London Shooting for an underwear brand, and while I am at it I might ask the Photographer to get some sexy shots to upload on my profile for all you guys to enjoy. Then after that I will be getting naughty and seeing friends :DCanât wait to tell you all about it when I am next online. Follow me on Twitter @ToyBoyDannyB to see when I am next online and getting naughty. I am looking forward to seeing all my dirty fans Monday and I am currently thinking of some great new ideas for some shows I think you guys will enjoy. ð~¬ð~

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Flavio Garay: Shows: Schedule Update

Guys, my next shows are:Thursday, May 10, at 10 pm EDTSaturday, May 12, at 11:30 pm EDTTuesday, May 15, at 10:30 pm EDTThursday, May 17 at 01:30 pm EDTFree for Fan Club Members.Not a Fan Club Member? Join now!Interested in only one show? Contact me to get access.XOXO. LOVE. FG

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Zach Strong: Love

For me, love is like a fantasy, when it is reciprocated it is wonderful to be in love with someone. It is very beautiful to feel good with someone who makes you happy and is the best thing that can happen to a person.fall in love but do not give yourself completely :* 🙂

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Danilo T: Rainyday

today a rained a lot but is very nice for me because i love the rain when i feel the rain in my chest . really i feel very good and think is sexy too hehehe well in this moment the rain stop but the street is wet now and is romantic for me i like drive my motor cycle when is raining

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Jym Berry: My Favorite Sport

well my guys i wanna talk about my favorite sport Guess what kind of sport is it?hahah ok is soccer i like soccer free stykle i think is a good pasion and very good for have nice legs too is necesary love the sport and make it real i hope some day will play in a special equipment

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Angel Ravson: Tv

my favorite television program is the eight chavo really is very n ice to me i love the program and i hope some day can know the original neighborhood . i remember all chapters and wau is really amazing to meeto someone here likes the chavo to eight? too hehehei think yes

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Toni Hill: The Marine

When I served in the Navy I learned to be Prussian to be very neat to be always clean it was a great experience I met many people who over time became a second family I would have liked to continue as a non-commissioned officer but do not pass the test of sight because being in a training the splinters of a projectile fell in my eye and left me with sequels although I'm better nowadays and I have even better aim hehehe

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Zach Strong: Today is a Wonderful Day: *

because today I am super in love with a beautiful woman that I love her too much that is my dear mother who for some time I did not see her and today I found her I shared with her and I could see her for a long time thanks God for giving me that wonderful woman thanks ajjjaja: *

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Flavio Garay: Look: My Upcoming Thick Cum Shows

Schedule:Show # 1: Th, May 03, at 10 pm EDTShow # 2: Fr, May 04, at 10 pm EDTShow # 3: Sa, May 05, at 10 pm EDT(NO SHOW ON MAY 06)Show # 4: Mo, May 07, at 10 pm EDTShow # 5: Tu, May 08, at 10 pm EDTShow # 6: We, May 09, at 10 pm EDTTIP: Save your time because each show in around 60 minutes.TIP: During the shows I will be open to your requests.Fan Club Members have free access to all these shows. Not a Fan Club Member? Join now!Interested in watching my shows without being a member? Contact me and I will be very happy to give you an access to the show you are interested in.XOXO. LOVE. FG

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Yisus Rocky: Hello

Hello my loves I hope you have a great new day today as I have it that I would most like each of you to be by my side and in my room to have fun and have a great time I assure you and we have a nice day

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Connor Perry: New Experience

So this is my first time actually doing cam and I am scared shitless lol. I never saw myself as a cam model. I can remember being that fat 260 lbs. person looking at these websites and thinking " God Damn I would love to do that". Then i would look at my stomach and think twice lol. I have always had bad issues with my body and have felt i never fit into the model dream so I put it on the back burner. Now with being in the TGRW house i am slowly breaking away from that fear and hoping I can create a new confidence in myself that I didnt have before 🙂 Only time will tell but I am so excited about it 🙂

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Flavio Garay: Ride My Cock,boy!

Thank you very much for being part of my last contest! I just gave free access to the video "Ride My Cock, Boy" to these winners:- Jeffrey Dude (I still owe you 1 video).- Dream Maker (I still owe you 4 videos)- Jarito S (I still owe you 1 video)- Sully (I still owe you 5 videos)- Victory D (I still owe you 3 videos)- Eagle Rock (I still owe you 1 video)- Joe (I still owe you 1 video)- Bob Husbear (I still owe you 3 videos)- LA Cake (I still owe you 3 videos)- NYC Man (I still owe you 9 videos)- Han Zome (I still owe you 9 videos)- LaKK 875- Mike M To find it please log in, go to "My Account", "My Content", "My Collection", and there you are: ready to watch for free!If you like the video, please leave a review there. Your comments will be very helpful. Also, please leave a thumb up if you think I deserve it.Enjoy! And I will talk to you soon...XOXO. LOVE. FG(Twitter: FG_4U / Instagram: flavio_garay)

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Sky Longz: First Timer


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Toni Hill: New Goal

Hi guys, I want to tell you that soon I will start making presentations about my sport. "Street workout" I will advance in my routines and I will be even more marked. It is a new level and I am excited. I hope you like my image love.

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Neill Magic: Excited!!!!!

how u doing my little perverts??i wonder do anybody read this blogs?? at least 1 person that actually likes reading this stuff.. u know i wonder sometimes if it has a meaning all i say here and if you guys actually enjoy knowing a bit more from my personal life outside this screen that u see me everyday ( except Firdays when i am off )Oh well i will keep writting here so if if somebody actually read this u can find me online on the site and u can come talk with me about it or at least let me know.. So i wanted to tell u today about the fact that i almost got caught by my friends GF Friday night... we where at his place playing some football/ soccer ( depends how is called in ur place ) and we where all good, 3 4 corronas, hot inside the house so we had only our shorts on, no shirts at all... the game was so loud, we where banging the PS4 joysticks so hard trying to beat one another but that shit and the beers lead to another kind of beat.. if u know what i mean.. beat the meat kinda job hahaha He is a bisexual guy just like me and his gf has no probl letting him go out with the guys but she has no ideea what tthat little devil can take down his troath.. i mean he is a fuckign industrial vaccum cleaner man.. he sucks ur brains out trough ur damn DICK! ..anyway we go playing and playing and suddenly at some poing he gets mad and jumps up the couch and i see that dick going up and down in this pants.. i was like DAMN! i need that.... he sat back down and saw me catched a glimse of his cock . that was fucking hot.. he sad fuck this game... and pushed me back on the couch... got my shorts off and suckked the hell out of my cock... flipped me over., rimmed my ass... OMG was a fucking tongue feast in there.. tossed the shit out of my salad... and what do u hear?? the fucking key in the door.. i jumped so fast from that couch even the fucking Flash would be jealous at me hahhaha anyway we got away without getting caugh, i hid in thge bathroom,put some cold water on my dick and make it go away.....we barelly made it .. but was fucking good and i would like doing it again anytime he wants to... Come share a fucking hot experience with me or hear me telling u more of my crazzy stuff 😀 kiss kiss Do HUGS not DRUGS!!

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Flavio Garay: Video Sale Plus Free Hot Stuff

The videos I will be offering you during this Weekly Sale (from April 30 to May 5) are the following:#1 "Loading my Socks" - 70% off!#2 "Load Wearing Socks" - 90% off!Anyone who leaves a review on any of these videos will get a 30-day FREE access to one of my best recorded performances.Also, please remember to leave a thumb up!XOXO. LOVE. FG.

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Yisus Rocky: Mi Fin De Semana

today is a very nice day full of super good things as for me as for you we just have to have faith and believe that we can achieve very good things with our lives as I want to give them a little pleasure and I like it because here with you I feel very well full of energy and wanting to do everything and I hope it is hafos you and me many rich things today a happy weekend desemana to all

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Toni Hill: My Fetish

Hello guys know that my fetish is my feet .. they fascinate me I can not see beautiful feet well taken care of properly because my cock gets hard I can not help it is so exciting it causes me to eat them kisses mmm delicious I like the cum on the feet It's my favorite place to end ..

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Yisus Rocky: My Great Purpose of the Day

hola muy buenos dia a todos hoy amaneci muy bien lleno de energia me levante con muchas ganas de triunfar de llegar a una gran meta en esta pagina de hacer sentir muy bien a todos mis usuarios y llenarlos de pacer aal 100 pporque para eso estoy para conplacerlo

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Jessid Cutson: Little Things.

The little things, the little details, the little gestures, the little acts. They are the things that can make a person, a place or a moment different or unforgettable. Let us consider the little things so as not to be deceived by appearances. 😉

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Toni Hill: Calisthenics Instructor

Guys, I tell you that from today I will be a calisthenics instructor for a group of guys who are eager to learn to master their body. I am very excited that they trust me to achieve this goal. I will give it all so as not to disappoint them. Wish me luck.

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Yisus Rocky: A Good Day

today so far I have a great day thanks to GOD because amanesi very well I am happy to be again connected to the page today to talk a good time very pleasant with you my lovesI am ready to keep in touch with each one of my users and later hurt me to university class

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Toni Hill: Hobbie

One of my favorite plans is to go to the movies and by the way this weekend I'll go to see a premiere "Avengers infinity war" delicious go eat crisps and have a nice time and not think about anything else is great.

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