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Diesmal mit Sperma!

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Please, Daddy, let me help you next time!!!

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Twink Latino Jack Beating Off
Our featured solo boy of the week is Jack, a young Latino that lets his older daddy BF make videos of him, while jacking off. It's a turn on they both enjoy, but only Jack wants his face in the video. Obviously the mature BF doesn't mind sticking his hand and cock in the picture, giving this more of a POV feel. Young Jack strips naked, while the BF reaches in to play with his uncut cock and finger the boy's ass. Once Jack gets down to stroking himself off it isn't long before he's pumping a load onto his smooth tummy.

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After stripping off his clothes Christian Wilde grabs his cock and starts stroking it. He works his dick, as he watches a porn video and eats the precum that emerges while fingering his ass. In no time Christian spews an amazing cum load onto his chest.

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During a walk in the wilderness, Martin Muse finds himself in a secluded place outdoors and feeling horny. Martin is thinking about his sexy male feet. Having an obsession with gay foot fetish, he finds a comfortable spot to have a jerk off while lavishing his feet.

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Our featured solo boy of the week is super cute Latin twink Dylan. After stripping naked, the skinny and smooth boy is quick to show us his asshole, before going to work on a big boner. Once his fat cock is stiff; he gives it some spit and starts stroking with determination. Some finger fucking adds to the stimulation and soon he has a gusher of warm cum splattered on his flat tummy. Then Dylan scoops a bit of it onto his fingers and licks them clean.

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Brady Walker is a cocky young guy, who has no problem whipping his out, which is already hard for this first jerk off solo. What follows is a hot stroke show that has Brady edging himself a few times, before there is no holding back and the cum starts pumping.

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Max Trey is a lean and sexy young stud with an insatiable fetish for male feet. Rubbing his soft sexy boy feet, he gets himself hard for a nice long jerk off session. He's got a huge cock, and he loves getting a grip on it while admiring his feet. This twink is about to cum when he grabs his sock and shoots his load just at the sight of it.

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Eric is an 18 year old African twink, who enjoys listening to romantic music, as he slips off his clothes and works up a stiff one. Naked and hard, the smooth ebony boy strokes his big dick with determination, taking himself to the edge several times before finally releasing his warm, and much anticipated, cum load.

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Our featured solo boy of the week is a big dick Latin twink by the name of Lucas Prescott. This skinny and smooth boy starts off naked in the shower, giving his stiff beast the attention it deserves. After enjoying a long and wet wank, the young man takes his uncut snake to the bed where he continues stroking, until his stomach tightens and gets flooded with a cum gushing release that you can feel from across the room.

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Lance is back for another solo session, jerking off in front of a tall mirror. We get to enjoy watching this naked boy, as he watches himself stroke his hard cock. Eventually cums all over the mirror and then spends some time slowly licking it off his own reflection.

***ner Raines Dildo Jacking
***ner Raines rubs on his cock thru his shorts, and then releases a growing boner. A sex toy comes from off-camera and plugs up ***ner's butthole. The added anal stimulation soon has the young man pumping a warm cum load onto his stomach.

Aron Action: Sexual Fantasis?

OK guys so this is one topic i want to ask you all. A question about fantasies,we all have them!what are you fantasies and when did this particular fantasy start. have you already played this fantasy out? or are you still looking to do it.coming into private chat with me is a great way to tell me these fantaseis and really let me know what gets you going, you never know this fantasy may just turn me on too and then we real do have a hot and dirty show (if it isn't already!)send me a private message via my profile and let me know some of your fantasies and maybe we can do a show on it some time in the future!i am really looking forward to hearing them, peace Aron Action.

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Aron Action: Moving - Setting Up New Apartment

hey guys so it's been a little while since i wrote a blog and had some spare time today so thought i would share what i have been getting up to with you all. so i have been in my new place about 3 months now and as i am sure many of you know moving is Stressful!. i have tried my very best to cam, hit the gym, see family and friends but it have been tough trying to juggle it all. Now i am all moved in and starting to settle down i hope to get online more and have some great fun with you guys!. i have also set targets which you can see if you check out my profile so be sure to look if you have a minute, these are for things like OhmiBod so you can pleasure me to your hearts content 😉 well that and other studio stuff in my home!.you can also follow my twitter and other social which is linked to my profileso for now over and out!hope see you all soon in my chat roomlove and hugsAron Action x

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Caesar Ramone: Tantra Sex or Tantric Sex

I have discovered lately that practicing this sex helps to connect a lot with the beings with whom we share our bed, we have more fun and we feel more pleasure for making love, it is a discipline that attracts a lot of attention since it is not only aggressiveness but pleasure and spirituality, I recommend all my followers to have a happy day

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Max Chade: First Day

Today I am curios about to start.I want to get really warm and horny.So many things to learn and experience.I am in bed and listening to good rock or soft music.Under my bed is all my toys, I wish I had one that could Connect to the site 🙁

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Izzi: This Months Schedule

Set Schedule for whole month Hey everyone. As promised. heres my set schedule for the month. these are the days and times you will 95% of the time see me online.Thursday nights-- 9 pm eastern till 1 or 2 am easternfriday nights- 9 pm eastern till 1 or 2 am easternSaturday nights- 9 pm eastern till 2 or 3 am easternSunday- posibble after noon shitfts starting at 11 am eastern till 3 pm- 8 pm eastern till 2 am easternReason for these times is bc i have a day job working at the famaily biz. I have no other choice. Sometimes I may not show up on one of these nights due to some personal time or recovery. As always, email or get in touch with me to organize a show if need be.Thanks for reading. And so awesome to be back in Izzi mode after a long sleeeeep in the dark...

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Lippy Liam: Charming Silvertongue

Come and say hello.. I am a charming younger man who is open to being active. I want to converse and dance with you, have some fun. Ask me questions .. have requests. I am 24 yrs old. I try to be very interactive! If you want to know more .. come ask.

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Steve South: 2018

I've decided to blog a little before I go to bed at 4:00 a.m. after spending time with some of my favorite people. I am so very happy. I haven't been in this good of a place in so long. I attribute my current state mainly to the love and support I receive. You guys are the best thing that's ever happened to me. If not for you guys I would still be in and out of failed relationships and I wouldn't know what true love really is. I'm happy that I know you. I'm really grateful our paths met. It's so crazy how life goes. I've decided to join crossfit so stay tuned! 🙂

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Antonino Dibraco: 1 Day to New Years

only 1 more day to New Year's day. Time to get ready to party everyone. Don't forget you can always party hardy and join me in my chat room for the best and sexiest of times. When I get in my party mood you better watch out. I can be the sexiest man you'll ever want to meet. HEHEHE. kisses

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Aj Africa: Gay Fatish

Dear Diary,I have a fetish. I enjoy inserting hard objects in my tight ass. Currently, I am into inserting an Old Spice 150 ml deodorant spray in my tight black African ass.I will performing soon, make sure to catch me privately.Wishing you lots of hard boners 🙂

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Antonino Dibraco: 2 Days to New Years

Only 2 more days to New Year's day everyone. Make sure you save all those special moments for the big day and think about spending some sexy times with me. I'll be online through New Years doing some sensational performances so don't miss out guys. Visit me in my chat room every chance you get. kisses

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Juicy James: New Schedule Check out the Hours

Getting January 1st 2018 to be officially a brand new schedule to follow. I will be performing on each and every one of those scheduled shifts please to the in and tell anyone you know to join and watch. Thank you and hopefully everyone has a great

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Antonino Dibraco: 4 Days to New Years

Only 4 days to New Year's day and it will cum fast. The clock's ticking towards another phenomenal year and I know everyone out there can't wait to celebrate. Remember guys you can always celebrate with me in my chat room for the most fun you'll ever have. kisses

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Slayde Wesley: What Would You Like to See?

I am all about pleasing. What are your desires on here. Hit me up on an email and let me know. Maybe we can schedule something to make your desires happen. Let Me know. I patiently waiting to hear what you want.

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Antonino Dibraco: 5 Days to New Years

Only five days to New Year's day and I can't wait. 2017 went by fast by i'm so excited about next year. Let me know about you're new year's resolutions guys and I'll see if I can help make them all happen. HEHEHE. kisses

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Antonino Dibraco: Day After Christmas

Wow that was some party last night and I ate the house down. Now that it's the day afer Christmas it's time to wind down and get ready for New Year's. But I'll be camming all the way through guys so always remember to hit me up with tips and votes because you know I always appreciate it to no end. kisses

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Antonino Dibraco: Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas everyone. I hope you all get great gifts this Christmas and enjoy all the festivities have to offer with your closest friends and family members. And if you receive any kool sex toys let me know. We can always cam 2 cam together to show them off. HEHEHE. kisses

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Antonino Dibraco: Christmas Eve

It's Christmas Eve and I bet everyone's so excited about giving and receiving their presents tomorrow morning. I wonder what Santa Claus is going to bring everyone? A really hot sex toy would be nice. HEHEHE. kisses guys.

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Stephen Thunder: Internet Was Down

Hello Guys,I'm sorry for having issues last night I found out my internet was down in my area and was causing my feed to be bad. It is now restored but took forever and me contacting them to figure out the issue. I'm sorry if you guys wanted to have fun that day but it was out of my control. I will be online today though

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Antonino Dibraco: Christmas in 1 Day

count down to Christmas in just 1 day. Christmas is tomorrow everyone and I'm so excited. Deck the halls with balls of holly, fa la la la la la la la la. Santa's cuming to town. Make sure you leave him a sexy treat for that special gift you always wanted. kisses.

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Antonino Dibraco: Christmas in 2 Days

count down to Christmas in just 2 days. Take me private and tip me guys. I'm trying to win the last contest of the year and I need your help. That amazing day is cumming up and I just can't wait. kisses

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