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Scott West & Billy Rubens

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Mathew Jhonsons & Rick Jhonsosns: Buying Things for the Home

Today a wonderful day to go shopping and today we decided to get up early to buy our first artifact which is a kitchen to celebrate our birthday as a couple since we had not confessed them every 14 of each month we turned months and yesterday we did not have the Opportunity to leave.....Today will be a great day

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Kyle Lawrenc: Lingerie

I love wearing lingerie, it turns me on so much that it makes it fun and exciting to wear it while performing. I find that womens lingerie looks so much sexier then any lingerie made for men that I have tried. Come check me out or send me ideas for lingerie we can play together!!!!!!!

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Alejo Thebrian: My Diary Live

I love dancing, painting, animals, dating my friends, I love male and female underwear, exotic sex toys, I would love to travel the world.In my morning I'm on show online for you, I love to give the best spectacle of me, and fulfill those fantasies that you have never done, ends my morning at about 1 pm, I come home, take a shower, live with my mother, lunch I love to eat and more breast food , of course I sleep my nap too I love to sleep, I love everything! Haha. When I woke up from my nap, I go and take my dog called Tyson to the park, I smoke a cigarette, then I head to the gym Master train! I arrive at my house type 8 pm, supper,I shower to sleep very cool, I see a movie before sleeping, I manage my social networks, and I chat with my users in private, type 10pm I am finally finishing my day, to start another one the next day!Be web cam model, is crazy, my users sometimes put me do crazy things, make me pee, wax candle, dress Marrano, a dog, put any type of object for the anus, things I never did in my life lol

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Jhonny Love: Strong Boy

Today in the day I did some exercise, this is something that I love to do every day because it helps me to keep calm and let me think about those things that excite me.Sweat excites me, as do some street bars.Very soon I will tell you step by step what are the exercises that most excite me and even make me masturbate.

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Yostin Love: I Love Sport

I love sports, that allows me to be more sexually active because my energies are always up.I really like playing soccer and sometimes when I do I succeed too much thinking about some famous players.I get home and I masturbate in a delicious way

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Brad Lovve: My Day

Today I had a day full of positive experiences, and from the moment I opened my eyes in the morning I knew it would be a great day, and everything starts with a positive mind and I am understanding that I can have everything that I want ... and in This time I want to have a sexy guy with me and have a memorable sexual experience.

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Charlie Crossed: Wheres the Gay Film Scene in Ottawa?

It seems to be non existent lolz. All I want to do is make films. I mean itâd be gay porn. Maybe a little hard. Maybe a little kinky. But if I want to be a cumdump in a gang bang film or get spit roasted by two big cocks I have to go to mtl or Toronto. Iâm clean and fit and can get dirty soo whereâs the work?? Itâs hard out here for a slut!!

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Noah Rose: Creator!

ive been renovating my bathroom! its my first project and I must say its coming out great! I grew up a baseball player and played some college. But lately I feel I found my way as a creative designer. I have a knac for recognizing what matches and what doesn't. I also recently started my own clothing line and its come so natural ! just thought id share 🙂 - NOAH

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Brad Lovve: I Am a Strong Boy

Hi guys.Yes, I'm really a strong guy because I love to do some exercise every day to see myself better and feel better.and of course so that you who are watching me enjoy my whole body.I love that they see me stronger every day.If you have any advice for me and how to make me stronger talk to me and tell me.

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Jordan Denis: One of My Fantasies Fulfilled.

I will tell you about the fantasy I have had in a swinger bar, I always had in my thoughts to be with several men at the same time, it's something crazy but also funny and I was in a swinger bar that invited me, I was a little shy but after drinking a little bit I got into the mood and I was more freeing my mind and my body, everyone was already having sex and doing delicious things lol ,I stopped the furniture where I was sitting I got completely naked and I said to have fun.... and I started dancing and touching myself with my friends until we got to the point of going to the room and being all was a bit crazy. We were more than 10 men and there were also women... we did everything until one of those 10 men we were able to make me give cum la pass incredible

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Jordan Denis: My Funny Travel

Once i was in a travel with some "friends" (i mean, people that i just know) and it wass so funny and... dark hehehe cause one day we went to a littel river, here in colombia we call that "charcos" or puddles to take a bath, like in a pool but with the conection with the nature and obviously all the fun of a pool, we play, we laught but in a moment everybody get naked ( .-. i know, naked) but no one take care of that and just continue with the fun... but then the thing turn horny.. and i thoght "why not" and slowly i began to touch my friend.. and kiss his neck and more things that you can´t imagine, believe me, you can´t... with passion and desire and everybody come to help us, touch ourselves and the girls get fingered and guys jerked hehehe even me and when i realized i see that i was in an orgy in a river hahahahaha

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Jordan Denis: About Me

I want to tell you a little about my experiences and erotic moments that I've had...I remember one day almost a month ago some friends invited me to rumbiar and that day in the disco I met a person who caught my attention was very strange but curious, the man at the moment of the dance spoke to me to the ear and told me to go to a more private place, I accepted and we went to a bathroom, lol, the man there got all hot and told me he wanted to suck my big penis....,I was astonished because I didn't know the man and I didn't hesitate to put him to suck but the desire could make me but I made him swallow my cock so often that I said that I could not but be very drowned and I said very hot I don't care if you suck my dog tonight and you're going to swallow my milk, I made him suck many times my penis to get my milk....I had a great time with that unknown guy I met that day at the club.

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Cooper Diaz: To Enjoy the Summer

Since I finished with my ex I started dating a psychologist, he is older for 8 years.A month ago we had sex, but a week I told him to give us some time because he has not told his parents and it seems unfair. He and everyone think I'm sad about what happened, and maybe they're right, but I'm not going to wait for it all my life. A week ago I met another guy who studied electronic engineering and we fucked. Now I'm going for another guy that studies gastronomy.I feel very hot this summer jeje 😀

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Ricky Decker: Holy Hell!!!

Holy Hell is right! today i just wrapped up yesterday the 1st of August with my highest earning day of my webcamming career! Thanks to all those who spent some quality time with me.Lets try to beat it!I gotta say, it included alot of ass play, my hole is crazyy sore now as i get ready for bed haha.... Im talking about a toy clenched in my butt while i had to do repeat sets of 20 pushups. And a spatula handle up the hole too at one point.I may be one of the few guys who does devote some of my West Coast late evening hours to camming if im home and alone, usually stream until 12 PT. So catch me at night if you cant sleep!

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Miguel Larry: Back in My Room Guys

hello, guys after a long vacation I am back with you all, I hope to see you again in my room I want to talk, you know who has passed and many things more â~ºâ~ºâ~º I hope not to let you follow my twitter account @miguel_larrysex we see a kiss

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Ricky Decker: Hey Fans!!!

As many of you may know...Im here for y'all! Never feel shy to ask me anything in my chat room! Hey its worth a shot lolI webcam for side cash, i run my own companionship business 24/7. Im always looking to make new contacts and meet with fans from all over, so keep me in mind...Life is quiet and lonely as a daily webcam model, I cant interact with anyone in person while camming, remember that lol I get pleasure out of chatting with you on my screen, who wants to just sit in silence?!

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Zon Beloved: Open Big Red

Help me to reach the daily goal with a gift from the Beloved. Big Red can be presented once or more daily. Being a fun activity, a seductive gift to wear or a challenge that is present to the lovys.

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Dilan Max: I Love Them All

hello guys I hope they are good I like good music travel, share a lot with the person I love, I like to be pampered and consented a lot and to say dirty things in my ear that makes me very horny I like to study read and laugh a lot my big dream is terminal the university and be a great professional to go to usa to find the man of my dreams

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Zach Price: My Loves

I am a boy in love with life I like to share and enjoy my sexual experiences, I like to fall in love with a passionate man who really loves me and knows how to fuck very good, I want to be a winner so I like to study and go to university I like to read a lot and listen to good music and especially fuck a lot if it is possible day and night without resting I hope to find a wonderful man for me in this place

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Salvador Balli: Feelings

hello guys I am an extroverted guy I like good music, healthy food and especially have a lot of sex, strong rude and wild I love to fill my ass with milkIn my free time I go to university I like to study and read a lot I love older men because they help me think better and when I am inside of them in the hole it is hotter to feel that makes me very hard and hornyI want to find a good man to help me, to take care of me and give me a lot of love and respect and above all to be a very good lover and enjoy our milk together forever happy day for allSALVADOR

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Chris Rocks: Thank You for Supporting Me Guys

I want to thank all of you who are everytime in my room and encourage me, who tip me and have nice private times with me! Means alot to me to hear nice compliments and have a nice conversation especially when i'm close to a bodybuilding show and it's hard time to be alone!Thank you again for everything, kiss you all

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Rylan Hardy: Bi Curious

I started being curious at an early age but couldn't determine what I wanted so I had a 3 way with a guy and my girlfriend at the time and i loved both sides of it. Being touched by another man while getting head from my sexy girlfriend at the time it was like having the best of both worlds.

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Izzi: July 25-26, Very Important Days

Hey everyone. Just letting everyone know that im real close to winning a FREE trip to cam convention in the Indian Ocean. Ive worked so hard this month to place for the winners. So I will keep working hard till the end of July 31. But the July 25-26 days are most important. On the 25th theres a an AUTO win for 30 000 credits for $300. And the 26th is the MOST important day. On this day any credits I get will count as TRIPLE towards the vacation contest. On this day people will tip me. Anyone who tips over 1000 credits will receive HUGE FREE private code shows. Length of shows will depend on how much you tip. I would appreciate anyone who helped with this. Im so close, plz help me out on these days if you can!! love you all

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