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Rojas S: You


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Rojas S: The Return

I come from the dark background of a relentless night,and I contemplate the stars with a gesture of astonishment.When I get to your door I confess guilt,and a white dove perches on my shoulder.My humble heart stops at your doorwith his hand outstretched like an old beggar;and your dog barks at me in the garden,because, in spite of everything, he is still my friend.At last the rose grew that did not growand now he offers his roses behind the iron gate:I have also changed a lot since that day,for they have no stars the nights of exile.Maybe your soul is open behind the closed door;but when you open your door, as it opens to a beggar,look at me sweetly, without asking me anything,and you will know that I have not returned ... because I was with you!

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Jamex Dave: I Have a Goal and I Want You to Be a Part of It.

En la Bio de mi perfil se encuentra mi primer ''Objetivo de la Punta''.Is something interesting Jamex???Well... for my Virgin Ass, maybe it is!Please take a look at it and tell me how you like it...

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Razen: Traveling with Friends

Hello everybody! 🙂 long time ago since i don't tell you one of my stories, well today i come with a new one & pretty special too .Im sure you asked why i wasn't here the last weekend, the reason is that i spend a wonderful time with my very best friend in a such lovely & quiet town.As most of you know, I was recently taking driving lessons for my motorcycle, which was crazy! too many falls and scares.fortunately today I drive to perfection and I love doing it! take the opportunity to return to this beautiful town where I had all my youth together to my best friends, are too many years of an inseparable friendship.and I must admit that it was a very fun and enjoyable experience, the sensation of the wind on your face, the speed, observing the whole landscape naked for you and being able to make your own stopsIt was a 5 hour trip! really exhausting if you travel in a vehicle like this, but I recommend it. When finally we arrived it was like going back in time, I could see myself playing in those streets, laughing and running like a crazythere the climate is extremely cold, because it is very close to a paramo and the rain is constant, it is a kind of town in the middle of the clouds.Technology is not something you can find there, or shopping malls or fashion, but if you can reconnect with yourself and nature, especially if the stress of modern life is kicking youThe night was even crazy, 2 friends alone in a bar listening to their favorite music with good drinks, we did not know anyone there, but that did not stop us from making the night all ours.I will always be happy to return

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Jamex Dave: I Want Your Feedback

Welcome all your advice, opinions and others, to help me become your favorite. I want that. You can write them in an internal message or during my daily transmission, remember, it is from 10 at night to 6 in the morning Colombian time.A hug for everyone.

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Stephano Dangelo: Last Night

The Last Night, i woke up at the middle of the night, my cock was on its highest size, i was really horny, and I knew that without a good mastubation i couldn't make it to fall in sleep again, then I started, it was a very cold night, it was raining, and i was thinking only about my flirt4free's people, and everything that they made me do during the day, that excitated me a lot, so so much, then, when I came, it was like a white explosion, i was really sweaty, i had to take a shower...i really hope to have this experience again

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Jordan Denis: Fullfilled Fantasie with My Teacher and a Alumn

It was a time, when i was at school, that i liked a teacher...Omg, he was extremely sexy , and also soo intellectual ,that part drove me crazy: the way how he use to teached , the cultured he was, all in him was incredible , and i couldnot stop thinking about him...i used to jerk off thinking on him, when a certain day i watch him alone in a classroom , so i decided to say hello to him and he immediatly said hello to me with a smile that i could catch inmmediatly, i couldnt stop feeeling nervous, so he saw that and started to touch my hands and told me that there was no need to be nervous so i got calmed and after that i felt a hand behind was an alumn, it was a redhead skinny girl , so she started touching my ass , and i stayed frezzed , i started to feel hot , my dick grew up and in that moment i felt the hand of my teacher on my dick ... i was nervous , i never tought that the teacher of my dreams was going to touch me ... so i started to touching him and the girl too , one hand in my teachers dick and the other hand in the alumns boob , so they started to undress me and i could not hide my erection and my desire to stick my dick in my teachers mouth , he was kissing my so yummy and the redhead girl was kisssing my back, it was being so exciting , we started to fuck each other, softler at principle and then harder while my teacher was telling me how hot my body was, so i penentrated my teacher while he was licking the pussy of that gorgeous girl and we made it all the night, it was a awesome day , my fluids weree spread to both holes of my hosts.

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Jamex Dave: Amo a Esas Personas Que...i Love Some People...

esas personas que me apoyan como nuevo en esto, de cualquier manera añadiendome como favorito, escribiendo una opinion bonita sobre mi, enviandome power boot, guiandome en mi sala... amo a esas personas y de verdad, gracias!.Those people who support me as new in this, either way Añadiendome as a favorite, writing a nice opinion about me, sending me power boot, guiandome in my room... I love those people and really, thank you!.

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Jamex Dave: Mi First Time...

13/14 years old... 6 in the morning of a Sunday... After a night of dancing and drinks... with friends and friends... with a friend waiting for his mother to go to work for us to stay the house alone! Wow, I almost ripped my penis that morning......

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Sam Cooper: Hombre Muy Caliente Y Sexy

Today I want to spend it rich please the client let me lead by sexuality and put them satisfied with my big ass cock and body I want to be a slave to you and your kisses enter my room will have a wonderful hours

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Danniel Tattoo: A Beautiful Woman Invited Me to the Hotel and Eat

hi chic@s I step of all today, thank god I got a woman that values me and is super sexy by the way very warm wet spurts left me shocked is the fourth you see that we are and leave me like a king she is very sentimental and loves me like smoking is very outgoing I think it will be the love of my life but there is a big problem for which we can not be together you want to know copy me it will be very hot and exotic

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Andrew Whitet: Beach Day

Hi, guys last week went to the beach and I happened something really hot was going to an aquatic motorbike riding and the instructor told me that I could do so only but the water bike ran out of fuel so I went to the fourth instructor to tell you is that it was d esnudo masturbating and I smiled and told me comes to join me not what I thought to much let me take...

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Cristhoper C: Good Day

It was a nice weekend, where Descanze a little, enjoyment, happened things that do not imagine, I could speak with very important people with whom I comfort and I take more strength to continue fighting for them

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Danniel Tattoo: Tattooing a Pelvis

Hello I was this morning tatuandon a pelvis of a woman and wow she was beautiful I provoke while the tattooed wanted to know my fantasy was a thing of film and she tells me I was wet wanting squirt and I stay like wow

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Cristhoper C: 🙂

Hello, I am going to talk to you a little about me, I like to read, to be in free areas, surrounded by nature, I like music, take pictures, enjoy every moment of my life appreciating everything that surrounds me, trying to give it the same value

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Cristhoper C: You

sometimes it's not good to say things, but what I feel, I want it to burst, I just want to feel good being happy, today was a nice day, great energy exploration in the air, I just have to say, you have a beautiful smile

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Cristhoper C: Auto Tip

I feel that I will not be able to, but I see that everyone is capable of fighting for what they want and me? why do not do it ? trust more in you, feel more sure of you, believe in what you are layers

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