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Piscked at the party

Kayne Smith: Twitter.

So I started a twitter account so my fans can follow and know when ill be coming online, figured it would be a smart move to gain more of a audience.Twitter link is here:

Visit Kayne Smith's Chat Room

Josh Fanty: My Friend

I am grateful to flirt4free because it has allowed me to know how to interact with wonderful people, and I want to tell you about a friend in particular, I can not reveal his name for reasons of rules, but if I can say that I have met someone disinterested, friendly, I did not think that in the world there were such wonderful people, if you are reading this, thank you for all my friends for your time, support and advice, a kiss from here to the mountains of Switzerland.

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Andre Dixsim: September 21, 2017

I scheduled my next cam session for today. It's the first time I haves used the scheduling tool. I hope lots of people see that I'm planning my next session and want to come see me and even private chat! Gonna make some social media posts about the schedule too! Maybe some of my Snapchat, Instagram, Twitter (@DraeDixsem313) & Tumblr (@DraeDixsem) followers decide to check out my live cam at https://andre-dixsim.flirt4free.comThat would be lit!

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Trevor Mayer: Blog Day Guys

I like more mature than I, it has always been like this, I have always ridden it sporadically and outdoors having no place, I am 43 years old, already divorced, good body tall, 21 of cock and one of my great fantasies, always was , domination, in spite of everything, I never found the right person, because if some scourge, but more simulation and with complaints, no one who really, felt the sex that way. Well, I was lucky to meet a person, this Tuesday, I go to work at 8 pm and on Tuesday I went early and hot, with the intention of finding some passive, I came to a field, given the day and the hour, it is very difficult to find something, it was deserted, I finally left the car and walked through the part of pine and broom, I walked away quite a bit, from the car, it was when I saw a car, hidden between the pines, and cautiously no one, inside but outside, some distance from the car, but still hidden, I let myself be seen at a distance, I saw that the one who was standing was not unmoved, while the other one was sucking it, with what I approached

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Andre Dixsim: September 19, 2017

Today I started my account on Flirt4Free. I wasn't sure what to expect, but its been great! Even earned a badge, and gained new Twitter followers. Follow me on social media: Twitter, Instagram, and SnapChat @DraeDixsem313 and Tumblr @DraeDixsem.

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Billy Biggs: Miusic

my favorite music is the one that sounds good because the truth there are many genres that I like and call my attention for example salsa regeton and bachata are very good to dance and to be at the party but if we want another kind of atmosphere is to listen to pop, rap, hip hop, is to have a chat and be relaxed with friends

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Billy Biggs: Rare Fetishes

never imagine that only my sweat in training would be pleasure for someone who delights is aware when you are exercising your muscles knowing that others to see are exiting moralize and you hotter but I think that everyone would not feel the same as I am because I am aware that yes I am from jenero bi

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Dave Hill: Saturday Chillout

Hi guys. Today I just realized that the fall have already came to us. It is much more colder then at the beginning of this month. But still the sun is shining. So today weather is so nice, that I just took the bike and went to the park with my new book, that I have read there. The book titel is ''Guapa'' by Saleem Haddad. Really nice novel, that I recommend you to read. Really touched my heart! Kisses from your Dawid

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Apollo Firefox: Who Are You? Quick Wanker or Dream Man...

Let's imagine that we have met with you in the club, I'll smile for you and we exchanged a few words. I have a playful mood and I love sex. You're asking me to retire to a private room for the members of the club and then ... Take off everything, show me your cock, insert your fingers in your ass, now suck deeply as you can ... Do you think I like it? And you? I think not. We can have great sex full of passion and emotion, but this takes time. You have to tell me about themselves and about your fantasies and together we will start to implement them, slowly - only stoking the flames of passion stronger and stronger...

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Apollo Firefox: My Suck Fantasy

I bet I can make you cum and you reply that never had cum twice before. I'll get you back on the bed, lay down beside you and started milking your cock with my hand and got a little more of your cum left to ooze out of your cock slit and I'll lick it up. I'll start sucking the head of your dick running my tongue around the top of your shaft and you'll started getting hard again. You hard for me and starting to moan a little and then you cum again in my mouth; not a lot but enough for me to feel it on my tongue.

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Apollo Firefox: Apollo Blog & Diary

I invite everyone to my blog - where I write everything - what I like, what's interesting, what's going on, what annoys or enrages - all here. All plans, outline, notes, lists, books... well this is my electronic notebook, diary, notebook. You are welcome))

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Antonino Dibraco: Irma's over

I've survived Hurricane Irma's wrath and am back online after a major scare. Actually I guess it wasn't as bad as it could have been for most people. I'm just glad it's over and I can get back to being my sexy self again. Thanks for the patience guys and make sure to check me out in my room soon for some major fun. kisses.

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Jhon Devia: I'm Happy When...

I'm happy when I drink a glass of waterI'm happy when I hear my mother laughI'm happy when the wind caresses my faceI'm happy when I open the door to my homeI'm happy when I see kindness in humanityI'm happy hugging my dogI'm happy when I learnI'm happy when I wake upI'm happy to breatheI'm happy being me.

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Johnny Royal: Going Commando Pt. 2

so wile i was donating, i kept looking at porn. so i know my boner was showing. this older lady about 25 years older than me. I know she got a glimpse the outline of my cock, because the smile she game me when i left. that was the only thing i noticed till i was getting up to leave. I could have swore i say a guy across from me check out my crouch and smile, but at that time i wasn't hard anymore just a little leak stain from my precum. i then come home to an email on here, with someone telling me about there dream. This dream i have to say was so good it nearly made me cum just reading it. So, now i have a huge precum stain on my pants and i now have to go to work. i still have yet to cum. By the time i get to school to do what i need to, the stain is gone but the sensitivity on my head is still there. fast forward till now. girlfriend just left and i still havent came yet...

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Trevor Mayer: Hi

I was 18 years old, I was in high school, I started the school year. The first day of classes came through the door that person who for me was a total stranger, but who in time would become the most important person as love in my life. Days went by and I watched too much. It made me such a beautiful person ... I kept seeing him all day, he did not notice. At first the months passed and he realized that every day he spent half the time looking at him.

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Johnny Royal: Going Commando

So today i woke up late to take my roommate to work. So i didnt feel like looming for boxers, so i just threw on my pants on. I dont normaly go commando but these pants feel nice againt my cock. So after i drop my roommate of i haed back home for a little smoke session. While im smoking im looking at my tumblr, and im getting very horny and hard. My girlfriend laying on the bed asleep from the night before. As i look at all different kinds of porn, shemale, bi female, bi male, couples, swingers, and more. So no im hard and horny as fuck but look at the time and i have to go donate plasma and i cant jerk off. It took the whole car ride here to get rid of it. So after a bit of being here i finally get in the donation chair and im cock is rubing against my pants and my head is so sensitive. Im sting to get hard again.. i wonder how many people are gon a notice my 7in freeballing hard on.. thats where im at now.more to com later.

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Apolo Sunshine: My Friend

yesterday morning when I get up to the bathroom to wash my face, I meet my straight friend outside the bathroom and he said he felt bad and wanted to share with me. We went into my room to talk, he had beer, I did not want to drink. But I was smoking Cannabis, and I relaxed. He lay on my bed and asked me to give him the bottle to continue taking... He had to leave but he said "These days, at night, we get to watch movies". What do you want to happen?

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Frank Hawtin: I've Created My Wish List to Be Able to Please Everyone and Spend Some Warm Time at Your Side with your help I can satisfy all your desires, I would love to get some of these jguetes and to be able to have a good time with you hot, thanks att the Latin sexiest

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Antonino Dibraco: Hurricane Irma

Brace yourself for Hurricane Irma people, especially ones living in Florida. This looks like it could be a doozy, of course if your scared and lonely you can always join me in my room for that extra comfort you'll need during these trying times. Kisses everyone and good luck.

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Steve South: Vacation

So my parents and I never got to spend their/my birthday together since they are very close and I haven't seen my dad and his gf in about 2-3 years. I'll be taking a vacation to Mexico with them from the 21st-30th of this month(September/2017). I need as much help as possible to be able to relax with my family so anything helps this month! I'm looking forward to spending time together chatting and I'll be putting in some long hours contest days in hopes of bring home some bonus money! See you soon. oxox

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Alessandro Sweet: I Hope Some Share My Passion for Game of Thrones

I came here to tell you that I'm really sad about the long wait that we have to endure the fans of Game Of Thrones for its new and last season ... It's a lot of Time! OMG!Ahhh ... and the worst, wait two years for only 6 or 7 chapters, is a complete Sh... (lol)

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Josh Fanty: My First Show

I want to tell you the story of my first private show, it was a Saturday I remember it well and it was with a current client who accompanied me from my beginning as a model until today, he became my friend, (French men are incredible) everything began with a sensual dance to the rhythm of his favorite songs which dished a lot and tender when both simultaneously cum in our bodies, after that I realized that being a webcam model was my thing

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Angus Baudin: The Flight of My Heart

Today I feel that my heart is full of emotion when dancing. It seems like I carry it in my veins. I free myself in a magical way which I would like to show everyone my talent. Thanks for reading a piece of my vid

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Josh Fanty: Model Webcam

I want to share with you the story of how I came to be a webcam model, it all started when a friend asked me the favor of a job interview for which I was very nervous, I accepted since I wanted him to be well, I I thought it was in a company or in a restaurant since he and I are waiters, but when we arrived at the place of the job interview I found out that it was a studio dedicated to the webcam industry and knew nothing about the subject; I waited for my friend to finish his interview while I spied the study, when my friend finished the interview told me that he was not accepted by his physicist, after that we were ready to go home, but before leaving the studio owner My name is and he asked me if I had a moment to talk and he proposed me to be webcam model; I did not know what to say lol hahaha but I liked the place so much that I agreed to do a job interview the next day.The next day I attended the job interview and after he explained everything related to the modeling world I fell in love to be model webcam and spend time with you.

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Billy Biggs: Hot Sex

Make orguias is what everyone wants but my orangy would be very different I would like to be with guys and hot but that does not matter who touches who everyone is everyone Do what we want with whoever we want

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Jhon Devia: True or Dare?

I want us to be aware of something, what normally defines us as people is how much we know ourselves. Your fears, your dreams, your limitations, your passions, among others; Are some of the factors that will allow you to move forward and evolve. That is why when a self-confident man enters my room, he captivates me, because he knows what he is and wants to be the same, without pretending to be another. That is pure, loyal and admirable. We are human and live a fantasy and doing crazy things is common in our lives, but there must be a balance. That's why my words to remember today is "If truth sets us free then lies makes us slaves" and the question for you is: Who are you really? With all those different accounts in flirt4free, LOL. I hope my readers have an excellent day. Kisses, hugs and blessings.

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Niiky Tex: That Rich

sone that my best friend my best friend came to my room and I desia, that should put my clothes and showed me his cock all hard and me desia which mamara it is and is removing his trousers and had me excited that super hard cock inside the boxer and me desia which chupara it to ru i and me convuidaba a trio hhay I woke up

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Antonino Dibraco: Hurricane Season

Once again, hurricane season is upon us. For those of you living in the sunsine state its time to batten down the hatches. Remember, how bad things might seem outside you can always find my horny self online to help cheer you up during this scary time of year. kisses guys.

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Cory Duncan: My Day 24/08/2017

Today I wake up getting sore from training that I had on Tuesday training legs, I feel good because when it hurts is that it really serves, after some stretching, I felt better.I went for my protein shake is a mass winner, it's my First meal of the day, after that, I greet Mom and I tell her that I love her so much that she has an excellent day, that when I get up she goes to work. I got ready, I took a shower and went jogging to the gym , When I left the house the weather was cloudy and cool, a beautiful day to do what I like to train in the gym, near home there is a fairly large park and there is a river nearby, it is very nice to jog and admire that Nature, it relaxes me a lot, in fact. When I get to train I concentrate and go very strong back, and biceps, after almost two hours of intense training, I hydrate, and I consume my protein, when I go out and the day was sunny , Much of it usually is so. Back home near the park I saw more people torturing and I felt very good, there are people who also understand my passion for sports, when I get home I give myself a brief shower and I get ready to cook the 6 remaining meals of the day, I prepare The chicken, the vegetables, the rice and ready the whole meal of the day, to have lunch and then a brief nap and then come to work.After 20 minutes of rest, I organized everything to come to work, the remaining meals, water, and organized the house a little. I used the public transport, it usually took almost 40 minutes to arrive as I arrived, I like to listen to classical music, it focuses on me And reassure at the same time to have the best energy to share with you here. When she arrives and makes her journey I observe the places and often I reflect the life, it is beautiful, you have to live it with everything, for when I arrive here, I go to the place where I most like to be, with you, happy day! : D

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Sean Payne: Confessions of a Guy with a Big Cock

My name is sean payne, Iâm 25 and I have a really big phallus. You are about to read about my experience living with a big one.It all started when I was in first year of high school. I was invited to a sleep over with some friends, it was one of those nights where things get wild and you experiment. By the end of the night me and two other guys had been dared to measure our dicks and show them to the girls. It turned out that mine was much bigger than theirs, and as I later found out, bigger than the adult average. I had a seven inch dick and I was only 11 years old. The idea of it was so excitin, but even when i was young I always liked the idea of having a big dick. Iâm not sure where it came from, but I wanted a big one. Little did I know the universe was working its magic and it turned out I had a huge one. My size kind of got to my head and it sorta turned me into an exhibitionist. It just kept on getting bigger, which fuelled a lot of the risky thoughts and things I've done because of it. I gained more than an inch before high school was over. I spent summers showing off on the internet through my webcam in my basement and I became obsessed with the attention, the power, the admiration and the feeling of control I got from wowing everyone who watched me play with my cock. First, some statistics. The average hard penis is about 14 to 15.2 cm's long and about 12.5 cm in circumference. This means that people who are 1 inch above or below (between 5 to 7 inches) are within the average range and should not expect any problems fucking due to their size. I'm about 6 inches soft 9 inches hard and 6.5 inches around at the thickest. This means that the vast majority of men will have zero experience in dealing with my size unless they are in the hardcore porn industry. That can translate as being a very good thing, or turn to an awkward situation.Finding out that I had a huge cock was awesome; I discovered I could suck my own dick; I could rub my dick on my nose; jerking off with two hands still left me a lot of place. It felt so amazing to be �~that bigâ. I spent more and more time gratifying myself by posting pics online, comparing myself to others, forming all kinds of sexual friendships with people online, some of whom became close friends. If I was alone and there was a mirror, you can bet you I was looking at my dick.

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